About Us

Each My Mighty Magnet comes with a 57 Inch Cable and 9 super strong magnets. The cable can be hung vertically or horizontally. We feature and stock almost 50 different designs and are always adding more. My Mighty Magnets can be used virtually anywhere! From hanging up your pictures and holiday cards at home to decluttering your office at work, these photo cables are an essential part of any room!

My Mighty Magnet is just one of the incredibly smart, versatile, and unique gifts you’ll find at Mishu Designs. Founded about 10 years ago by a young entrepreneur, Mishu Designs’ goal was to create a tween product line that was affordable, cool and extraordinary. Mishu’s very first product was a single magnetic photo cable. Throughout the years, this product line has expanded to include around 50 designs and, now known as My Mighty Magnet, is still the company’s number one best seller. Mishu Designs has evolved from a single photo cable to hundreds of magnetic and unique gift oriented products.